Be Kind to Yourself, Be Kind to the Earth

Teaching kindness is an investment in shaping compassionate kids and nurturing a world where empathy and care for the environment grows. As parents, we play a crucial role in instilling these values in our children, guiding them to take accountability in their relationships and surroundings.

A Family Guide for Cultivating Kindness

Earth Day is a great opportunity to engage in activities with children that promote environmental consciousness and deepen their connection to the world around them. Here are some family-friendly tips designed to cultivate kindness towards the Earth. 

  1. Plant a Garden. Transform a corner of your backyard, balcony, or home into a family garden. Let your child choose a variety of seeds to plant, teaching them about their life cycle and needs, and instilling a sense of responsibility as they care for their growing green friends.
  2. Upcycle Materials. Channel creativity with upcycling art projects using materials from around the house that would typically end up in the trash, like bubble wrap, wood scraps, and buttons. Not only does this reduce waste, but encourages resourcefulness in children too!
  3. Praise Energy-Saving Efforts. Turn energy conservation into a fun challenge for the family! Identify areas where energy can be saved, such as turning off lights, unplugging electronic devices, or using natural light during the day, and  reward collective efforts to reduce energy consumption.
  4. Cleanup Together. Participate in a cleanup day as a family, whether it’s at the beach, in the city, or around the neighborhood. Discuss the impact of plastic pollution on the lives of plants and animals and emphasize the importance of keeping our lands and oceans clean. Provide gloves and bags, and make collecting litter a meaningful task for everyone. 
  5. Hike With Appreciation. Plan a family hike focused on appreciating nature. Choose a trail or path and bring along cameras or notepads. While enjoying the great outdoors, capture the beautiful sites, thoughts, and feelings you experience.
  6. Cook Earth-Friendly Recipes. Dedicate a cooking night to Earth-friendly recipes. Use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to create a meal together. Talk about how choosing local produce reduces the carbon footprint, and savor the fruits of your sustainable culinary feats!

Parents have the privilege of shaping the values their children carry into the future. By engaging in activities like these together, you can nurture a love for the planet and create lasting memories and traditions centered around kindness towards it. Check out the HeyKiddo app for more resources on kindness, appreciation, advocacy, and much more! We’d love to have you as a part of our parenting community. 

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