HeyKiddo™ - Social skills activity for kids
HeyKiddo™ - Anxious child

Social, emotional, and leadership skills for kids, developed at home or in the classroom.

Parents and teachers, you can now access the expertise of leading child psychologists from your own home or school. Help your children to develop vital life skills and navigate growth challenges with ease, on your own terms, with our easy-to-use kiddo-approved solutions.

HeyKiddo™ - Children's anxiety
HeyKiddo™ - Parent coaching
Better insight into your child's social, emotional, and mental wellbeing all in the palm of your hands.
  • Cutting-edge tools and insights to help your child thrive
  • Emotional, behavioral, and developmental pattern tracking
  • Expert parenting support for the everyday and "I need help" moments
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HeyKiddo™ - SEL curriculum
HeyKiddo™ - Emotional abc
The comprehensive social-emotional curriculum for schools, educators or homeschooling parents.
  • Zero prep needed! Jump right in
  • Integrate critical skills into daily learning
  • Daily conversations that adjust to each child’s personalized needs
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HeyKiddo™ - Social Emotional Learning for Kids

Did You Know?

All HeyKiddo™ products meet Common Core and SEL Standards and are aligned with CASEL core competencies, the most trusted K-12 resource for high quality, proven-effective social and emotional learning programs. Our expertly created programs are inclusive and adaptable, whether you are using HeyKiddo at the dinner table or in the classroom.

HeyKiddo™ - CASEL Social Emotional Learning

  • Life-Changing Technology

    HeyKiddo Talk helped our family have better conversations and genuinely changed the way our family communicates.

    -Keisha S.

  • HeyKiddo is Family

    “HeyKiddo isn’t just around our dinner table, it’s become family. The kids ask us to see if there are any new questions!”

    -Amy G.

  • Our Family Needed This

    “I’m a single dad in a pandemic. I was concerned about taking on anything else. HeyKiddo’s platform didn’t add to my plate. Instead it offered my son new ways to communicate. THANK YOU!”

    -Matt H.

  • Perfect for Foster Kids!

    “As a foster mom, I’m always looking for ways to help with healing. HeyKiddo gives our family a new way to talk about older pain that isn’t scary or time-consuming.”

    -Jennifer B.

  • Can I Give it SIX Stars?

    “HeyKiddo is life-changing. That’s it. That’s the review.”

    -Hilary K.

  • It Brought JOY Back

    “I couldn’t take on one more thing. Your platform helped my family find joy again through connection. Thank YOU.”

    -Madison R.

  • My Secret Homeschool Tool

    “I hated the thought of homeschooling. (And I still do.) But the Huddle tool has given me a way to connect with my kids that I didn’t have before. It makes me feel more connected.”

    -Jin H., Homeschooling parent

  • Love this!

    “It’s like you knew what we needed before we did. HeyKiddo™ has helped us keep our kids more focused and ready-to-learn in our homeschool pod.”

    -Kate M.

  • An Awesome Curriculum!

    ...It has also been a great way for students to think about and learn how to identify and regulate their emotions. The Hey Kiddo curriculum has been a beneficial addition to our classroom and to my students’ social and emotional needs.

    -Amber, 5th Grade Teacher

  • Gets Kiddos to Reflect!

    ...perfect way to engage young learners in open conversations that teach them to reflect and overcome their own challenges and situations. It is easy to use and no prep work is required. This is 100% something I will continue next year with my students!

    -Heather, 1st Grade Teacher

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Get To Know Our Team

HeyKiddo™ - Teaching kids social skills

Developed by Dr. Nicole Lipkin and a team of psychologists and child experts, the Hey Kiddo family of solutions are backed by science and tested by real parents and educators.

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