HeyKiddo™ - Social skills activity for kids
HeyKiddo™ - Social skills activity for kids

Award Winning Pocket Coach

  • Quick and easy daily parenting coaching messages delivered by text.
  • Instant support for those “I have no idea what to do” moments.
  • A clear and consistent plan developed by psychologists, child experts, and busy parents.

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HeyKiddo™ - Anxiety in toddlers

Give your kiddo healthy communication, leadership, and relationship skills to last a lifetime.

Our market-leading coaching subscription, delivered via text, was built specifically to help parents develop their children aged 5-12. Get the tools you need in the moment and form positive habits over time.

HeyKiddo™ uses text-based coaching to help you and your child:
  • Tackle stress
  • Boost resilience
  • Enhance focus
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Cope with difficult world events
  • And more...
Life gets busy. Our program is designed to fit your everyday life for less than $10/month.

See HeyKiddo™ Talk In Action

HeyKiddo™ - Anxiety in young children
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So how does HeyKiddo work?
Let's take you through the process:

HeyKiddo™ - Social skills for middle schoolers

Take our evidence-based assessment

This assessment will give you a snapshot of your child's social and emotional strengths. With this baseline, you will be able to monitor your child's progress over time.

HeyKiddo™ - Teaching children social skills
HeyKiddo™ - Social skills training for kids

Get your customized content right away.

We’ll text you right away to get you started. Each week, the HeyKiddo™ experts will build your track with a mix of coaching tips, activities and engaging conversation questions to help your child. Use in-the-moment or save for when the moment is right--it’s your choice!

HeyKiddo™ - Dealing with anxiety in children
HeyKiddo™ - Resilience in kids

HeyKiddo™ responds to the real world!

HeyKiddo™ responds to the real world! When things happen in our world that impact our children (like school changes and COVID), we’ll send you real-time texts to help your kids cope. And when things happen in your world, you can text us for curated content to help.

HeyKiddo™ - Childhood depression

Like all good conversations, our texts aren’t one-sided.
You can request new topics that are personalized to your family’s needs.

  • Life-Changing Technology

    HeyKiddo Talk helped our family have better conversations and genuinely changed the way our family communicates.

    -Keisha S.

  • HeyKiddo is Family

    “HeyKiddo isn’t just around our dinner table, it’s become family. The kids ask us to see if there are any new questions!”

    -Amy G.

  • Our Family Needed This

    “I’m a single dad in a pandemic. I was concerned about taking on anything else. HeyKiddo’s platform didn’t add to my plate. Instead it offered my son new ways to communicate. THANK YOU!”

    -Matt H.

  • Perfect for Foster Kids!

    “As a foster mom, I’m always looking for ways to help with healing. HeyKiddo gives our family a new way to talk about older pain that isn’t scary or time-consuming.”

    -Jennifer B.

  • Can I Give it SIX Stars?

    “HeyKiddo is life-changing. That’s it. That’s the review.”

    -Hilary K.

  • It Brought JOY Back

    “I couldn’t take on one more thing. Your platform helped my family find joy again through connection. Thank YOU.”

    -Madison R.

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