HeyKiddo™ - SEL programs

A complete social and emotional curriculum for kids aged 5-12

  • Help your kids become more resilient, focused, and connected with a practical program developed by psychologists.
  • Designed specifically for the virtual or in-person classroom.
  • No prep needed. Achieve results with just 15 minutes of activities and conversation a day.

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HeyKiddo™ - Emotional abc

Schools, educators, tutors, and homeschooling parents, you can now build your kids’ resilience, mindfulness, critical thinking, and other prosocial skills in just 15 minutes a day!

Huddle is a complete, no-prep social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum designed by psychologists and educators for elementary aged students. You can access the benefits of this program for less than $25 per month.

Elevate coping and prosocial skills through a global pandemic and whatever comes next.

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See HeyKiddo™ Huddle in Action

HeyKiddo™ - Social Emotional Learning curriculum
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So how does HeyKiddo™ Huddle work?
Let's take you through the process:

HeyKiddo™ - SEL skills

Sign up to access the no-prep curriculum

Sign-up for HeyKiddo™ Huddle and gain access to the Huddle curriculum giving educators and homeschooling parents meaningful daily questions and creative arts activities in order to help build critical skills like self-awareness, resilience, mindfulness, critical thinking, and empathy.

HeyKiddo™ - Social Emotional Learning for Kids
HeyKiddo™ - CASEL curriculum

Track Progress

Monitor each child’s progress throughout the school year to ensure they’re on the right track - and adapt or adjust as needed.

HeyKiddo™ - Social emotional learning
HeyKiddo™ - CASEL Social Emotional Learning

Get Resources

All HeyKiddo™ Huddle subscribers can access the Resource Center for expert-written resources that are customized to your needs. Enterprise-level subscribers can use the resource center to send updates about what social and emotional skills their children are learning in school on a weekly basis or send parents resources to view.

HeyKiddo™ - SEL education

Start anytime

Building social, emotional, and leadership skills will become a regular part of the school day that kids look forward to. Each weekly lesson builds on the previous week and also includes an offline creative activity to take the daily conversations even further.

HeyKiddo™ - SEL Activities for Kids
HeyKiddo™ - Curriculums for schools

Kiddos are also experiencing emotional and social consequences from being on screens all day. HeyKiddo™ Huddle is different. Whether you’re teaching virtually or in person, our creative activities and group discussion starters lead to powerful insights that promote meaningful growth offline.

  • My Secret Homeschool Tool

    “I hated the thought of homeschooling. (And I still do.) But the Huddle tool has given me a way to connect with my kids that I didn’t have before. It makes me feel more connected.”

    -Jin H., Homeschooling parent

  • Love this!

    “It’s like you knew what we needed before we did. HeyKiddo™ has helped us keep our kids more focused and ready-to-learn in our homeschool pod.”

    -Kate M.

  • An Awesome Curriculum!

    ...It has also been a great way for students to think about and learn how to identify and regulate their emotions. The Hey Kiddo curriculum has been a beneficial addition to our classroom and to my students’ social and emotional needs.

    -Amber, 5th Grade Teacher

  • Gets Kiddos to Reflect!

    ...perfect way to engage young learners in open conversations that teach them to reflect and overcome their own challenges and situations. It is easy to use and no prep work is required. This is 100% something I will continue next year with my students!

    -Heather, 1st Grade Teacher

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