At-Home Activities

Deep Breathing into My Emotional Balloon

Emotions aren’t just in your head. Use deep breaking with your kiddo to destress during difficult times.

Today’s Soundtrack

Music has a proven effect on our moods and the way we connect with others. Kids can benefit from creating and listening to music as a way to manage their emotions, reduce stress, and communicate their needs. 

Sensory Jar

This Sensory Jar activity can help your child express their feelings (stress, anger, and boredom to name a few) and visualize how strong feelings settle if you just stop and watch how they pass. 

Emotions Through Movement

A fun way to get moving is to choose different songs that represent how we are feeling and dancing or moving our bodies in whatever way they feel like they need to move.

Mindful Breathing

If you’re just starting out with mindful breathing, it may be difficult to stay focused. This short activity can help you and your kiddo get the hang of taking intentional, mindful breaths.

Activities Box

When is the best time to plan for future success? Right now! Thinking ahead about how you want to reach your goals is something that kids can do anytime as a fun exercise and as a way to stretch their self-awareness skills.

Mindful Movements

It’s important to find a balance between rest and movement when you spend a lot of time at home. Try some Mindful Movement to put your body in motion and strengthen your mind-body connection.

Strong Poses

Moving our bodies into poses just like they take can help us get into their mindset of confidence. Try this fun activity with your kiddo when you want to boost your mood and feel like a superhero team!

Create a Vision Board

Successful people are constantly reflecting and coming up with new ways to grow and become better at what they do. In this exercise, you can help your child imagine the type of person they want to be in the future.

Walk About

It can be upsetting when our routines get disrupted for long periods of time, but it can also be an opportunity to develop new routines based on how we feel. Kids can walk about to rediscover their environment and what it is about being there that contributes to a routine of feeling good.